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Peptide Therapy: Foundations

Peptide Therapy: Foundations

This essential virtual course on the foundations of Peptide Therapy goes over the basics of cellular medicine: how to control senescence and how to restore cellular efficiency using the signaling pathways of peptides. Take a deep dive into the TOP 11 foundational peptides that will bring improved patient outcomes to your practice. This course is suitable for practitioners who are new to Peptide Therapy.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy: Foundations

As we age, hormone deficiency can disrupt our normal way of life. Understand what those molecular changes do and how to naturally restore hormonal balance. Learn how to live with optimal energy, mental dexterity, executive function, and sexual wellness. This course is suitable for all learning levels, and great for health enthusiasts to empower their own wellness knowledge.

Hormone Therapy: Masters

This is a practitioners course on how to treat patients with bioidentical hormones and other small molecules. Understand the hormonal pathways that influence patient’s energy production, cognitive function, and sexual wellness. This course is suitable for health practitioners and health enthusiasts looking to gain a deeper understanding of the evidence-based research.

Foundations Bundle

Whether you’re a practitioner wanting to improve patient outcomes or a patient looking for answers, the SSRP Foundations bundle has it all!

Hormone Therapy Bundle

Learn what’s happening in the body at the cellular level and how to improve endogenous hormone growth to restore hormone balance. This course is backed by science and paired with practical solutions that can improve the effectiveness of hormone therapy by means of exercise and peptides.


PWC 2021

Peptide World Congress 2021 - Recordings


Now you can access all the cutting-edge education and expert perspectives from the leaders in Regenerative Medicine – anytime, anywhere, from any device, now.


The Peptide World Congress was a two day symposium taught by the revolutionary leaders of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine who have thriving practices, real-world clinical knowledge, and have done the legwork on the scientific data to back it up.

Injury Repair Course

Injury Repair & Body Optimization Course

This highly focused video course is centered around treating high-performance patients and athletes. Understand the body’s needs and ability to utilize energy most efficiently in order to decrease downtime, increase performance, and prevent muscular-skeletal injuries.

Nutrition & Weight Loss Mastery

Nutrition & Weight Loss Mastery

Know EXACTLY what to look for in a weight loss strategy so you can help your patients, or yourself, keep the weight off in a sustainable way. This course covers the most popular strategies, how to make them work for you, & most importantly, the impact it has on your body at the cellular level for longevity and wellness.

Injection Mastery Workshop

Injection Mastery Workshop

Four Seasons Resort, Orlando FL | February 25, 2021

Learn and Master over 40+ of the most complex joint and muscle injections on the whole cadaver.

SSRP Denver - Cellular Efficiency and Immune System Summit

This mastermind topic is about the cellular medicine approach to optimizing and modulating the immune system. The mastermind featured three keynotes by William A. Seeds MD along with five actual case studies, each with their own unique set of challenges to dissect and dynamically discuss. These are video recordings, and is suitable for health professionals.

SSRP Scottsdale - Pain Summit

Continuing the course from Mastermind 1, this focus will be centered around the neuro-pathways, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers disease. Understand how pain is a signal, and how to treat it from the root cause. These are video recordings, and is suitable for health professionals.

SSRP Orlando - Microbiome Summit

The importance of the gut and microbiome and how it affects aging, and influences Cardiovascular and Respiratory Disease. The microbiome is a major focus in therapeutic advances in almost all age-related diseases. This summit is incredibly important as the microbiome will pave the way for the future of peptide therapy.

SSRP Chicago - Autoimmune Summit

This mastermind is centered around the chronic and autoimmune diseases, causes, relationships, and of course, the cutting edge treatments and protocols that can influence improved patient outcomes. This summit will also feature segments on infection, inflammation, anti-aging, and cancer. With the help of peptides and other small molecules and alternative therapies, we will discover combinations of protocols that make a difference and the research that suggests the future of caring and potentially reversing these conditions.

SSRP Dallas - Brain Summit

Focus on the brain, the pathways to repairing cognitive function, restoring efficiency, and how to optimize it at all ages. This mastermind will also spotlight the causes, evidence-based research, and ground-breaking treatments of neurological disorders such as Alzheimers, Dementia, and more.

SSRP Beverly Hills - Skin and Aesthetics Summit

A truly masterful way to understanding the Face, facial health, skin, and how to best treat diseases and reverse signs of aging without toxic or damaging treatments. Dr. Seeds will reveal his decades long research and patent-pending therapies that have dramatic results for his patients.

SSRP Vail - NAD+ Summit

NAD+ has quickly become popular in the latest supplements and treatments for longevity and age-related diseases. Like many buzz-word treatments, there is the science, and the fad.

Understand the biochemistry of NAD+, it’s ideal ratios with other thermodynamic nucleotide cofactors, and the pathways relevant to disease states, so that you can navigate and determine for yourself what works and what simply won’t.

Peptide Therapy Intensive Certification Training

Peptide Therapy Intensive

Miami, FL | August 12 - 13, 2022

At the Peptide Therapy: Intensive Certification, you’ll learn how to interweave peptides into full protocols based on patient profiles, symptoms, and co-morbidities.

This is unlike any training on peptides ever given before.

Senescence Summit | Malibu, CA

SSRP Malibu - Senescence Summit

Malibu, CA | April 22 - 23, 2022

Learn a revolutionary approach that will change how you understand aging and age-related disease for good. It’s not about living forever, it’s about living well. And it all starts at the cell.

PWC 2022 V1

Peptide World Congress 2022

Las Vegas, NV | Oct 21 - 22, 2022



Cellular Medicine Summit - Site Thumbnail

SSRP Jackson Hole - Cellular Medicine Summit

Jackson Hole, WY | Dec 2-3, 2022

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SSRP Peptide Therapy Foundations


CJC 1295 | Anti-Aging & Body Optimization

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Hormone Therapy


The Introduction To Cell Efficiency, Peptides, and Cellular Senescence

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Nutrition & Weight Loss Mastery


Nutrition & Weight Loss Mastery

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