Patient Referral Program for Practitioners

Patient Referral Program

Connecting Patients With The ONLY Network of Healthcare Professionals Trained in Cellular Medicine & Peptide Therapy

The Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Institute is about educating, solving challenges, sharing our top solutions and developing protocols that improve patient outcomes.

Now, we’re also connecting you with the thousands who are looking for trained professionals to help with their health needs.

How Do I Participate?

To ensure the highest standard of care, one of the following criteria must be met in order to participate:

  1. Be a Fellow of the SSRP
  2. Digitally attend or watch at least 2 SSRP Masterminds
  3. Digitally attend or watch at least 1 SSRP Mastermind & Complete Peptide Therapy: Foundations
There are NO FEES to participate and participation qualification lasts the duration of your membership, which is included when registering for an SSRP Mastermind or SSRP Course

Patients Seeking Trained Professionals

Quality As An SSRP Trained
Healthcare Professional

How Does it Work?

After qualifying, we’ll connect you with patients based on the following:

Patient Referral Program

Location of the patient (when possible same state, then region)

Patient Referral Program

SSRP Seniority based on the above criteria order (ie. Fellows then Mastermind attendance)

Patient Referral Program

Location of the patient (when possible same state, then region)

You’ll receive general health information about the patient.
It will be the physicians responsibility to reach out and schedule the first consult

Patient Pricing

To ensure standardized pricing, all participants of the SSRP Patient Referral Program must strictly adhere to the most recent pricing set by the SSRP.

100% of revenue post consult will go the participating practitioner.

Failure to comply with any of the terms set will result in immediate removal from the SSRP Patient Referral Program and from the SSRP.

Patient Referral Program
Patient Referral Program


To ensure the highest quality, all participants of the SSRP Patient Referral Program must source from one of the listed Trusted Sources, found in the members area.

Seeds Scientific Research &
Performance Membership

By registering for an SSRP Mastermind or SSRP Course, you’ll also enjoy
these Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Institute Member Benefits:
Patient Referral Program


SSRP Member Access for 3 months with no membership fees.

Patient Referral Program

SSRP Expert
Interview Series

Private access to the SSRP Expert Interview Series - private video podcast centered around SSRP Mastermind Topics.

Patient Referral Program


Direct access to Dr. Seeds' preferred pharmacies so you know exactly where to get the best peptides

Patient Referral Program

Member Exclusive

Discounts on listed products from Dr. Seeds Preferred Sources (SSRP receives zero affiliate commission).

Start Growing Your Practice Now

The SSRP is 100% about the science, research, and improving patient outcomes. We also recognize the thousands who are sick, have tried traditional medicine, and are looking for healthcare professionals trained in the latest medical advancements of Cellular Medicine and Peptide Therapy.

Let us connect you, grow your practice, and meet the needs of those in need.

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