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Fellows Track Prerequisite Bundle

Want to become a part of the most prestigious medical society improving patient care? 

Start your journey with these three courses, which are prerequisites to the SSRP Fellows Program for the far reaching impact they have on almost every disease state. Upon completion of the courses, you’ll have a foundation to grow your expertise in Cellular Medicine.

Assessments for each training must be completed and submitted to the SSRP staff in order to receive credit towards the Fellows Program.

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Mastermind 1 - Cellular Efficiency

Is about the cellular medicine approach to optimizing and modulating the immune system. The mastermind features three keynotes and five actual case studies.
Retail $795

Mastermind 3 - Microbiome

Centered around the microbiome and gut health and how it influences cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. The cellular medicine approach to treating the gut will pave revolutionary breakthroughs on improving patient outcomes in these areas.
Retail $795

Mastermind 8 - Senescence

A revolutionary approach that will change how you understand aging and age-related disease for good. It's not about living forever, it's about living well. And it all starts at the cell.
Retail $795




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Fellows Track Prerequisite Courses

  • Retail Price – $2,385
  • Requirement: Must be an SSRP Member to receive discounted pricing

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Instant Access to Video Recordings, Notes, and Slides: 
    • Mastermind 1 – Cellular Efficiency & Immune Modulation
    • Mastermind 3 – Microbiome
    • Mastermind 8 – Senescence
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