Dr. Keller was trained in pediatric medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital in Seattle, WA, and became a partner at Redmond Pediatrics in 2002 until starting Centered in Wellness in 2014. She is passionate about pediatric care in general, and wellness care specifically.

Besides being board certified in pediatrics, a fellow of the American academy of pediatrics, she also became board certified in Integrated and Holistic medicine in 2014. In 2017 she passed her 3rd Boards, this time in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. She enjoys this balance of western medicine and alternative care and it is one of the reasons she was inspired to start a holistic integrative clinic.

She is very happily married, and the busy mother of three. She spends most of her “free” time at conferences and avidly reading about how to best meet the ever changing medical and healthcare needs of her families.

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