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Improving Patient Outcomes

TRAINING To Improve Patient Outcomes

The Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Institute is the leader in training healthcare professionals on the basis of Cellular Medicine. Our virtual & live trainings are evidence-based, backed by research and approaches disease in a radically different framework: disease reversal and prevention from the cellular level. 

Not only is the SSRP an education based institute, it’s a community of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving patient outcomes. Engaging forums, SSRP Office Hours, and discussion boards are available to collaborate on the toughest cases so you can be successful with your protocols.


Grand Rounds Masterminds are a compounding curriculum to build your knowledge and skills on the most advanced medical treatments available today. Each training will have a central focus that will both build upon the previous training and lay the foundation for the next.

This mastermind topic is about the cellular medicine approach to optimizing and up-regulating the immune system. The mastermind will feature three keynotes by William A. Seeds MD along with five actual case studies, each with their own unique set of challenges to dissect and dynamically discuss.

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Continuing the course from Mastermind 1, this focus will be centered around the brain, the neuro-pathways, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers disease. The case studies around these topics will include the applications of peptides, stem cells, exosomes, other small molecule therapies. Live attendance is extremely limited. Mastermind 1 Live attendees receive first right of refusal for their seat.


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The gut is known as the second brain for a reason. As metabolic science has proven, the microbiome is an incredibly effective place to start improving the overall quality of your patients’ health and longevity in addition to improving disease treatment outcomes. This focus on the gut will include metabolic advancements, nutrition and supplements, and the gastrointestinal treatments that will affect other parts of the body and influence disease prevention and reversal.


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This mastermind is centered around the chronic and auto-immune diseases, causes, relationships, and of course, the cutting edge treatments and protocols that can influence improved patient outcomes. With the help of peptides and other small molecules and alternative therapies, we will discover combinations of protocols that make a difference and the research that suggests the future of caring and potentially reversing these conditions.


SSRP Courses have a singular, central focus and do not require any prior training or prerequisites. Our courses are great for those beginning their journey and have a specific educational goal in mind. These are designed and made for practitioners & non-practitioners alike.

Dr. Seeds walks you through the fundamental peptides. Divided into 12 modules on usage, dosage, and treatment cycles with a bonus module covering Cellular Medicine and Cell Efficiency.


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Change the way you approach disease and patient care. This course will build upon everything you learned in Peptide Therapy Foundations. Divided in 16 modules, you'll learn how to treat athletes - reduce downtime after injury, promote repair, and prevent future injuries.


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Divided into modules based on location of the body and injury so you can learn specialized injection treatments. The training covers the most common injections for pain and tears, regenerative therapy, and targeted injections (ie. interstitial & proximal).


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CERTIFICATION For Business Expansion


After each SSRP training, you will have the opportunity to take an assessment and earn your Certificate of Completion that features your expertise, framed and signed by William Seeds MD.

Along with training materials and the Certificate of Completion, you’ll also receive detailed information on… 

FELLOWSHIP of Peers At The Forefront of Medical Advancement

The Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Institute is about building a vetted community of healthcare professionals passionate about changing the way we practice medicine.

Fellows who are interested and qualified will have the opportunity to become Faculty of the SSRP, be invited to teach, run breakout groups, speak and present at future SSRP Events.

Grants and funding for research in line with the direction of the SSRP will also be made available upon approval.

Qualifications To Become A Fellow Of The SSRP

Virtual participants must attend 4 Masterminds and successfully complete certifications to qualify as a Fellow of the SSRP. You must also demonstrate a level of understanding by means of virtual participation during a training. This is to ensure the high standard of being an FSSRP.

By attending live, you are gaining the experience in the methodology of Dr. Seeds, assisting in creating protocols, and developing closer working relations with this institute, and as such, will become Fellows of the SRRP.

Qualifications To Become A SSRP Certified Healthcoach

Digital participants must attend 4 Masterminds and successfully complete certifications to qualify as a SSRP Certified Healthcoach.

By attending live, you are gaining the experience in the methodology of Dr. Seeds, assisting in creating protocols, and developing closer working relations with this institute, and as such, will become Fellows of the SRRP.

“This is only the beginning and the start of something BIG. Start your journey with the Seeds Scientific Research & Performance and start improving patient outcomes.”

~ Dr. William Seeds

Founder, SSRP

SSRP Peptide Therapy Foundations


The Introduction To Cell Efficiency, Peptides, and Cellular Senescence

Get My Exclusive Research on Cell Efficiency, Peptides, and Cellular Senescence.

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