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Kris Wusterhausen

Kris Wusterhausen, DO

In 2006, Dr. Wusterhausen noticed his own health was starting to deteriorate. Despite exercising routinely and eating a reasonable diet, he noticed his blood pressure, blood sugars, and waistline increasing. This started his exploration into the Age Management Medicine field. He initially trained and worked with Cenegenics Medical Institute, one of the leading age management practices in the country. After months of studying, he began to practice part time in DFW under the mentorship of Dr. Paul Thompson, an original pioneer in the field of Age Management Medicine.

Dr. Wusterhausen opened his own Age Management Medicine practice in 2008, The Resurge Clinic. Today, he continues to follow to the principles of preventative medicine: optimizing health, restoring hormonal balance, delaying the appearance of age indicators, and preventing premature disease, disability, and death. By changing a person’s lifestyle, nutrition, medication, hormones, and daily habits, Dr. Wusterhausen believes a patient can see drastic changes in his/her physical and mental state.

In 2015, Dr. Wusterhausen was introduced to the world of peptide therapy. He has been actively attending conferences and seminars across the country since. He is certified in peptide therapy through the International Peptide Society (IPS). In 2019, he attended Mastermind, a medical conference led by Dr. William Seeds, founder of IPS. Physicians meet twice a year at Mastermind to learned the latest innovations in peptides, current regulations, discuss their own experiences with peptides, and learn together about any new advances in the field.

Dr. Wusterhausen and his wife, Cresenta, have two children who attend Brock ISD. Dr. Wusterhausen and Cresenta are very active with multiple Parker county charities. He enjoys all types of sporting events and restoring classic cars. He was the medical director of the Campbell Clinic, a community clinic whose mission is to treat the underprivileged population in Parker County, for 17 years.

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