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SSRP Membership

SSRP Membership

Add New Revenue Streams to Scale Your Practice.
Get The Support You Need From Cellular Medicine Experts.
Take Up To 50% Off Select SSRP Training.

Add New Revenue Streams to Scale Your Practice.
Get The Support You Need From Cellular Medicine Experts.
Take Up To 50% Off SSRP Training.


The SSRP is dedicated to the advancement of medical science, committed to the training of practitioners furthering their education, and providing clarity for those just starting. Navigating the field of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine can be overwhelming so let us connect you, grow your practice, and assist you in your mission to improve patient lives.


  • Have questions about protocols & dosing or maybe need a second opinion on a difficult case?
  • The SSRP Discussion Board is the most ACTIVE FORUM available today and a safe place for you to ask questions and get valuable input from other SSRP practitioners and colleagues.
  • Moderated by the SSRP Faculty, Fellows, Staff, and Dr. Seeds, this is the ONLY online community comprised of Cellular Medicine experts and professionals to discuss and get answers.


  • When you include our list of trusted partners into your protocols, it quickly becomes an additional revenue stream for your practice.
  • The SSRP Partner Program is an exclusive network ranging from compounding pharmacies, diagnostic companies, and businesses with products that actually make a difference in patient health and that we use in our own protocols… because they work.
  • Unlike other organizations that collect payment to highlight “preferred vendors”, the SSRP collects ZERO in fees or commission on any products sold. Zero.


  • We’ve partnered with a third party so you can seamlessly weave in relevant short nudges to foster reflective practice for busy clinicians. Each nudge prompts clinicians to reflect on their learning and unlocks Category 1 CME Credits.
  • This learning experience is powered by our Third Party and through its platform, brings relevant CMEs to busy clinicians, at the right place and right time. Using short learning nudges, clinicians can reflect and unlock Category 1 CME Credit.
  • Seamlessly weave in Category 1 CME-accredited content for busy clinicians engaging with our learning experiences.
  • Using AI technology to bring the right education to the right place at the right time.


  • Once a month, the SSRP Faculty and Dr. Seeds hosts a 1 hour open forum for SSRP members to join live and ask their toughest questions.
  • Get access to all the previously recorded office hours so you can either learn new areas or refer back to questions previously asked.
  • Dr. Seeds and SSRP faculty not only answer questions, but also presents case studies, peptide training, and more.


Plan on furthering your education? The SSRP Training Pass instantly saves you up to 50% on almost every previous training available:

  • Hormone Therapy
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Gut Dysbiosis
  • Neurogenic Pain
  • Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Injury Repair & Body Optimization
  • Skin Health & Aesthetics
  • And more!


Be A Part of the Fastest Growing Medical Community...That Actually Helps

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SSRP Member Program

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