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SSRP Membership

SSRP Membership

The SSRP faculty are dedicated to continually incorporating the latest research into our courses and trainings and advancing the field of Cellular Medicine through knowledge-sharing of real patient protocols and outcomes. Beyond our immediate team, we have the privilege of being joined by a flourishing community of practitioners that care deeply about providing the highest level of care possible. Joining SSRP Membership unlocks the full value of all that the Institute has to offer new and seasoned practitioners of Cellular Medicine.

Up to 50% Off Courses & Trainings

Save up to 50% on all courses and trainings offered in the Cellular Medicine curriculum (over $5,000 total savings):

  • Peptide Therapy
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Injury Repair & Body
  • Optimization
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Neurogenic Pain
  • Skin Health & Aesthetics
  • And more.
Dr. Seeds Office Hours & Faculty Grand Rounds

Get direct access to the SSRP Faculty via monthly office hours and Grand Rounds sessions. Ask the team your questions on patient care, protocols, and course/training content and get direct, actionable feedback from several faculty members. Access past sessions, and other additional content, at any time in the SSRP Membership Video Vault.

Community Forum

Join the SSRP Membership Community in the most advanced discussion board for Cellular Medicine practitioners. With years worth (thousand of threads) already accumulated, it is also a great library resource.

Trusted Partner Network Savings

Unlock exclusive savings with vetted, trusted partners of the SSRP Community. Use the same compounding pharmacies, supplement suppliers, diagnostic testing providers, and effective products that our team has demonstrated real patient outcomes with.

Please note: SSRP Trusted Partners do not pay a fee to be promoted, the SSRP receives zero kickbacks and commissions. We simply promote vetted products and brands that have been internally nominated, by other SSRP Members, because they already use them with their own patients. 

From: $99.95 / month

SSRP Membership

From: $99.95 / month

$960.00 / year
$99.95 / month

SSRP Membership

Be A Part Of The Fastest Growing, Most Advanced Medical Community!

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