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Dr. Carl Paige has been an independent healthcare practitioner for more than 30 years, allowing his approach to evolve with innovations in medical understanding and research. He looks at each patient individually and holistically, considering factors like lifestyle, genetics, environment and more to determine the best, most personalized way to maximize overall wellness and boost longevity and restoration.

With a Bachelor of Science in biology and a medical degree from the University of Kentucky, Carl completed a four-year dual residency program in internal medicine and pediatrics with the University of Louisville in 1992.

Over his 25-plus years in traditional practice, he recognized the substantial need for a more proactive approach and began exploring cellular medicine, which strengthens and optimizes individual cells to support the whole body from its most basic unit up. Carl completed fellowships in Anti-aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine as well as Stem Cell and Exosome Therapy, getting board certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging / Regenerative Medicine (A4M).

With his new focus on personalized regenerative and cellular medicine, Dr. Paige opened Medical Transformation Center in 2013. MTC has enabled him to give each patient the dedicated time, cutting-edge diagnostics and vast knowledge required to foster individualized optimum health.

Continuing to pioneer research-based techniques and advances in his field, he is an original member of the SSRP, where he now trains other physicians on applications of cellular medicine in healthcare. Dr. Paige presents regularly at conferences and events on peptides and other aspects of cellular and regenerative medicine.

When not providing his patients with the best science has to offer, Carl can be found with his wife (and business partner) Terri, their eight children and three grandchildren. He enjoys playing and restoring guitars and amps, listening to jazz and watching old movies (with ice cream).

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