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The Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Institute is a vetted community of healthcare professionals passionate about changing the way we practice medicine.

As a member of this community,

You’ll not only get the support of likeminded colleagues, but also the practical tools you need to improve patient outcomes. Here’s everything you’ll get:

partner discounts

SSRP Partner Discounts

Our network of partners is expanding. As a member, get discounts of up to 50% off from SSRP partners exclusive to members only!

trusted sources

SSRP Trusted Sources Discounts

These trusted sources are products that are used and vetted by the Dr. Seeds and the SSRP Faculty. Enjoy up to 25% off these reputable sources and pharmacies as an SSRP member.

referral program

Patient Referral Program

The SSRP will connect certified and trained practitioners with the patients who reach out to us for referrals. There are qualifications necessary, but there is NO FEE to participate.

member success

SSRP Member Success

Office hours are offered to SSRP members where you can ask your toughest questions. Dr. Seeds and SSRP faculty go through and answer questions live.

fb group

Private Facebook Group Access

Moderated by the SSRP faculty, fellows, staff, and Dr. Seeds, this is the largest online community comprised of trusted peers and professionals to discuss and get answers.

expert interview

SSRP Expert Interview Series

This private video podcast will be centered around the mastermind topics with science and medical experts and hosted by Dr. Seeds.

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