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Injection Mastery Workshop

February 25, 2021 | Four Seasons Walt Disney World Resort | Orlando FL

What You’ll Learn

This guided injection Mastery Workshop will cover the top 40+ injection sites in the joints, muscle, intra articular, and more. If you’re joining live, you will have guided injection training on cadavers with our SSRP Faculty and Trusted Sources.

About This Workshop

You will get live demonstrations and detailed technique training on the top injection sites used for peptide therapy, joint pain, arthritic pain, neurogenic pain, and even stem cell aspirations.

This is a live and virtual workshop that INCLUDES video recordings after the event. There will also be special discounts on products used in the injection mastery workshop, exclusive to the virtual and live attendees.

For live attendees, there is hands-on guided training on each of the injections below. You will also receive the certificate of completion after attending this course in person.

Click here to download the checklist of all the injections you will master in this workshop.

Any Questions? Email the SSRP Staff – info[at]ssrpinstitute[dot]org

Meet The Faculty


William A. Seeds, MD, FSSRP

Keynote Demonstration


Uzzi Reiss, MD, OBGYN, FSSRP



Elizabeth Yurth, MD, FSSRP


dr bautista

Juan Bautista, MD, FSSRP

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