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SSRP Orlando - Microbiome & Gut Health, Cardiovascular & Respiratory Disease

February 26 – 27, 2021 | Recorded from Four Seasons Walt Disney Resort, Orlando, FL

What You’ll Learn

This is a live streamed and recorded event centered around the microbiome and gut health and how it influences cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. The cellular medicine approach to treating the gut will pave  revolutionary breakthroughs on improving patient outcomes in these areas.


Agenda Day 1


Agenda Day 2

About This Symposium

This event will be live streamed, recorded, and allow for certification after the event concludes. Over two days, attendees will develop an understanding of a metabolite-based therapeutic strategy that is focused on cellular mechanisms and pathways concerning the microbiome.

This course is suitable for health practitioners in the integrative, functional, anti-aging, regenerative, and precision medicine fields. Having a knowledge of the basics of cellular medicine (from Mastermind 1) is highly recommended.

The agenda above includes the specific topics. By the end of the two days, this course will succeed in gaining a deeper understanding of the seemingly overwhelming microbiome, and see exactly why the microbiome and gut health is the future of where peptides and cellular medicine will be heading in the future.

Your Registration Includes…

All virtual registrants for this symposium will receive the following:

  • Video Recordings of the event
  • Certification Assessment
  • 3 Month SSRP Members that include ($250 value):
    • Trusted Sources Exclusive Discounts
    • Access to the SSRP Expert Interview Series
    • Access to Dr. Seeds’ Bi-Monthly Office Hours
  • Mastermind Official notes
  • Presentation Slides

Dr. William Seeds MD

SSRP Founder & Academic Chairman

Board-certified surgeon practicing medicine for over 25 years, Founder & Chairman of the Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Mastermind, Founder of the Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Institute for Cellular Medicine and best selling author of Peptide Protocols Vol. 1. Chief of Surgery and Orthopedic Residency Site Director for University Hospital, Geneva, OH. Professional Medical Consultant for the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and NBC’s Dancing With The Stars. Dr. Seeds’ practices are located at the Spire Institute OH, and Beverly Hills.

Any Questions? Email the SSRP Staff – info[at]ssrpinstitute[dot]org

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