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SSRP Institute

Educating Practitioners on the Latest Cutting Edge Treatments to
Improve Patient Outcomes.

The ONLY network of healthcare professionals trained in Cellular Medicine.

The LATEST medical advancements in Peptides, Hormones, Small Molecules, Supplements, and Cellular Health.

The SSRP Providing The Future Of Anti-Aging Medicine Today.

The Future Of How Medicine Will Be Practiced...
Available Today.

What Separates The SSRP From The Rest...


Disease Starts At The Cell

SSRP’s revolutionary approach to Regenerative Medicine will change how you understand aging and age related disease for good. Our virtual & in-person training empowers practitioners to work with disease in a radically different framework: disease reversal and prevention through lifestyle, genetic, and biochemical factors to impact your patient at the cellular level.

By addressing the efficiency and health of the cell, practitioners gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of disease, unique to each patient, and how to effectively improve patient outcomes rather than managing symptoms.



Colleagues & Staff To Help Guide You

Along with training & certification on the latest in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, the SSRP provides support from experienced medical colleagues and staff to effectively implement all that you learn and train on.

We’re dedicated to helping practitioners with engaging forums, discussion boards, and office hours to collaborate on your toughest cases and get questions answered.

Businesses You Can Trust.

The SSRP Partner Program is an exclusive network of businesses that participate by invitation only. Unlike other organizations that highlight “preferred vendors” who pay to be listed, the SSRP collects ZERO in fees or commission on any products sold. Zero.

We simply promote brands that we trust and most importantly, use in our own practices and protocols. SSRP members receive special discounted pricing.

Our Foundational Course...


From The World's Leader In Peptide Therapeutics

The SSRP sets the standard for clinical peptide education and training. With Dr. William A. Seeds, the world’s leader in peptide therapeutics, we cover the 11 pillar peptides that make up almost every peptide protocol.

In this training, we cover the goals, what to avoid, dosing, protocols, potential adverse events, and the amino acid structures critical to understanding cell reparation and efficiency.

13 Category 1 CME credits with CMEfy.


Answers. Expertise. Discounts.

SSRP Membership

Practical Tools and Support To Scale Your Practice

The SSRP is dedicated to the advancement of medical science, committed to the training of practitioners furthering their education, and providing clarity for those just starting.

SSRP Members enjoy benefits like our Training Pass Discount, discounts to our network of trusted partners, an active discussion board with over 300 topics and over 1000 posts, and Office Hours.

Navigating the field of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine can be overwhelming so let us connect you, grow your practice, and assist you in your mission to improve patient lives.

SSRP Trained Practitioners

The most respected in the field.

The latest medical advancements taught by the greatest medical minds. Through the available SSRP training curriculum, the Pioneers of Regenerative Medicine share with you the research behind what works, how to implement these treatments into your own protocols, and the treatment pitfalls to avoid that many practitioners fall victim to.

SSRP Faculty Collage 2023
Dr. Seeds

William A. Seeds, MD

Medical Chair, FSSRP

Dr. Seeds is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon practicing medicine for over 27 years, and the Founder and Medical Director of the Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Mastermind. He has been honored at the NFL Hall of Fame for his medical expertise and in treating professional athletes, and serves as Professional Medical Consultant for the NHL, MLB, NBA, and NBC’s Dancing With The Stars.

Dr. Seeds is also a medical researcher, and continues to write and publish on the NIH and other medical journals. He is also the author of Peptide Protocols Vol.1, the world’s first handbook about peptides written for practitioners.

Today at the Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Institute, he is dedicated to bringing Cellular Medicine and the study of Epigenome to the forefront of the medical community through research, training, and improved patient outcomes. His practice is at the Olympic training facility: Spire Institute Geneva, OH; and at the Redox Medical Group, Beverly Hills, CA.  

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