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Hormone Therapy Training Package

The COMPLETE Approach to Treating Hormone Deficiency.

Hormone Therapy: Foundations

Learn what’s happening in the body at the cellular level and how to improve endogenous hormone growth to restore hormone balance. This course is backed by science and paired with practical solutions that can improve the effectiveness of hormone therapy by means of exercise and peptides.

  • Course Modules: 13
  • Slide Deck
  • Audience: Suitable for Practitioners and non-practitioners
  • Course Favorite
  • Retail Value: $595.00

Lecture by William A. Seeds, MD, Medical Chair, Founder

Here’s A Sample of What You’ll Learn

  • Dr. Seeds’ method to treating hormone imbalance
  • Low Testosterone: Effects, Myths, & Supplementation
  • Testosterone & Estrogen in Post Menopausal Women
  • Improving Your OWN Hormone Levels With Muscle
  • Growth Hormones & Androgen Receptors
  • Which Exercises Impact Testosterone and Growth Hormone and How to Do Them Right (Examples)
  • Why Your Own Hormones Have the Greatest Impact
  • The Master Hormone & The Peptides To Pair With It
HTF Module 2
HTF Module 13.3

Hormone Therapy: Masters

Learn how to treat patients with bio-identical hormones from the pioneers of hormone therapy. Understand the hormonal pathways that influence patient’s energy production, cognitive function, and sexual wellness. Features 6 guest lecturers who share their clinical techniques to treat patients suffering from age-related symptoms associated to an imbalance of hormone levels.

  • Course Modules: 7
  • Slide Deck
  • Newly Released
  • Audience: Suitable for Practitioners
  • Retail Value: $595.00

Erika Schwartz, MD, FSSRP, Faculty

Uzzi Reiss

Uzzi Reiss, MD, FSSRP, Faculty

Elizabeth Yurth

Elizabeth Yurth, MD, FSSRP, Faculty


Kris Wusterhausen, DO, FSSRP, Faculty

Terri DeNeui, NP, FSSRP


Juan Bautista, MD, FSSRP

Here’s A Sample of What You’ll Learn

  • How To Do Subcutaneous Hormone Pellet Therapy The Right Way
  • Laboratory Biomarkers and Other Considerations In Hormone Optimization
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Men For Weight loss and Increased Optimization
  • Clinical Applications of Hormone Therapy in Women
  • Hormone Therapy For Optimizing Performance

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Hormone Therapy Bundle


Hormone Therapy Training Package

  • Retail Price – $1090
  • Package Price – $990
  • Member Pricing – $590

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Instant digital access to Hormone Therapy: Foundations Course
  • Instant digital access to Hormone Therapy: Masters Course
  • Up to 35 Internet Point-of-Care Credit opportunities powered by CMEfy


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