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Mastermind 11 Video Recordings

Show Special Discount - $200

We’re recording EVERYTHING so you can go back ANYTIME to any lecture at your leisure.

Access all the cutting-edge education and expert perspectives from the leaders in Regenerative Medicine – anytime, anywhere, from any device, now.

About PWC

About The Peptide World Congress 2023

The Peptide World Congress is a two day symposium taught by the revolutionary leaders of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine who have thriving practices, real-world clinical knowledge, and have done the legwork on the scientific data to back it up. This two day training is suitable for health practitioners and non-medical health enthusiasts.

Recordings Include…

By purchasing the recordings, you’ll get access to ALL PWC lectures, from both ballrooms, on topics that are at the forefront of medical advancement and how to effectively implement them into your protocols to improve health outcomes.
  • Video Recordings of the Grand Ballroom and Studio Stage
  • Recordings are split into individual lectures so you can watch the lecture of your choice anytime, anywhere.
  • Presentation Slide Decks


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Add the Mastermind 11 recordings to your registration at the show special price.
Recordings will be made available approximately 6-8 weeks after the training.

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