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Mastermind 10 – Cellular Medicine

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Cellular Medicine Mastermind



Unraveling the Mystery of Post Viral Fatigue

    • Post-viral fatigue…
    • First observed during the Spanish flu of 1918, the incidence of chronic fatigue was also reported during the 2003 H1N1 pandemic (2.8%), Ebola infection (9–28%), West Nile fever (31%), Dengue Fever (82%), and non-epidemic infections such as tick encephalitis (30%), Epstein-Barr (9%), and mononucleosis (11–38%)
    • Fatigue due to COVID-19 is common, frequent, and independent of disease severity with approximately 46% reporting symptoms.
    • Even mold, fungal and bacterial exposure, particularly at home, can cause people to feel tired or develop chronic fatigue.
    • Join the SSRP Faculty and Fellows as we reveal the unknown mediators in inflammatory responses and its connection to post viral fatigue.

Unraveling the Mystery of Post Viral Fatigue

Section 1: Examining trends and observations.

Section 2: Investigating connections between pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory mediators with post viral fatigue. Gaining insights from research in order to the explore the influence of triggers.

Section 3: The latest medical research and information on proteins and cell signaling.

**Learning agenda is subject to change**

Applying Knowledge in Practical Settings

Section 1: Rethinking treatment protocols to improve the outcomes of patients who suffer from post viral fatigue.

Section 2: Emphasizing approaches to wellness coupled with targeted interventions based on inflammatory triggers for disease states.

Section 3: The implications of understanding these pathways to transform our perspective on cellular energy issues for groundbreaking advancements in care.

**Learning agenda is subject to change**


About This Virtual Summit

This event will be live streamed over two days. By the conclusion of this presentation, attendees will have gained an understanding of the role played by inflammatory mediators in metabolism, disease and overall well being. They will learn new pathways to consider with the aim to provide knowledge and insights to enhance their practice and deliver outstanding care to their patients.

This training is suitable for providers who are trained in Cellular Medicine and whose aim is to understand disease solutions at the core level, Cellular Efficiency.

dr seeds

William Seeds, MD, Founder - SSRP

Dr. Seeds is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon practicing medicine for over 25 years. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Mastermind as well as the best selling author of Peptide Protocols Vol. 1. He was the Chief of Surgery and Orthopedic Residency Site Director for University Hospital, Geneva, OH and the Professional Medical Consultant for the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and NBC’s Dancing With The Stars. Today, under the SSRP Institute, he is dedicated to bringing Cellular Medicine and the study of Epigenetics to the forefront of the medical community with research, training, and improved patient outcomes.


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Mastermind 10 - Cellular Medicine – Virtual Live Stream
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Mastermind 10 – Cellular Medicine



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