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NAD+ Summit - Recordings

Master the Practice of Cellular Metabolism, the Key to Optimization, Efficiency, and Longevity

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Understand the science of NAD+, how it works and its relevance to health and disease.

Gain a deeper understanding of how it can impact your patient’s health, how to avoid the negative side effects, what works and most importantly, what absolutely doesn’t work.

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Make no mistake, this is not just a fad. The impact a proper understanding of the science can have on cellular health and anti-aging is game changing. That’s because it’s found in every cell of your body and involved in hundreds of metabolic processes.


  • How NAD+ is made and affects the body.
  • It’s importance for an effective anti-aging patient plan.
  • Can NAD+ be supplemented? If so, the best way to do so.
  • Increasing NAD+ production and its consequences.
  • The essential cellular pathways of NAD+.
  • Why these are essential to aging.
  • How these impact patient protocols.
  • How to communicate this to your patients.
  • What it is, when it is applicable, and why it is important to know.
  • How to effectively apply it to anti-aging and disease prevention protocols.
  • The precursors you should be providing to patients.
  • The changes you should have them make.
  • IV & Subcutaneous NAD+ – everything you need to know about effective clinical uses.
  • How to decide between these two approaches.
  • The truth about NAD+ oral supplements.
  • NAD+ – the gatekeeper for some of the most important anti-aging processes.
  • The Power Grid
  • William Curtis, Scientist and Author of several medical publications with Dr. Veech.
  • The Bioelectrochemistry of NAD+, Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Cellular Degeneration
  • Dayan Goodenowe, PhD, Neuroscientist, Biochemist
  • Relevance on NAD+, anti-aging, and prevention of age-related diseases.
  • Patrick Bradshaw, PhD, one of the world’s leading scientists on Acetyl-CoA.
  • Determining performance, aging, disease, and cancer cell biology.

Guest Speaker: 
William Curtis, Scientist and Author of several medical publications with Dr. Veech.


Vail NAD+ Summit


NAD+ Summit: Recordings

  • Retail Price – $795
  • Pre-Sale – $595

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Here’s what you’ll get:
  • Recordings for both days of training
  • 2-day Q&A access
  • Slides from the Event
  • Official Notes of the Event
  • Up to 25 Internet Point-of-Care Credit opportunities powered by CMEfy
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