The 3 Rules For Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy can feel very much like the Wild West.

Because here’s the problem, in fact 3:

  1. Many attempt to self-treat without guidance
  2. “Trained professionals” are not properly trained and prescribe generic, one-size fits all protocols
  3. Companies offer subpar products to turn a quick buck.

The result? Below average or even zero results for those who spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

If you’re considering peptide therapy or have been taking it with little to no results, here’s what you need to look out for.

  1. The Right Peptide
  2. The Right Peptide Protocol
  3. The Right Peptide Source


The Right Peptide

This should come as no surprise…You need the right peptide(s) to address your specific needs.

But a simple google search won’t cut it and relying on someone else’s experience won’t either.

Why? Because peptides should not be indiscriminately prescribed even if the symptoms are similar.

Peptide Therapy is not like Ibuprofen, given to anyone with a headache. It’s about correcting the issue at the cellular level and addressing the pathways to disease, which are vastly unique to you.


It’s a huge paradigm shift. We’ve been cultured to view health in a traditional medicine model (which will forever have its place in healthcare) and simply get rid of or suppress the symptom. However, we can improve patient outcomes and go beyond symptom treatment, granted we stop prescribing/taking peptides in the same modality of symptom suppression.


The Right Peptide Protocol

Assuming you now have the right peptide, it will only be as effective as the treatment protocol. Dosing, delivery (sub-q, sublingual, oral, topical, or nasal), frequency, time of day, which foods can be eaten/must be avoided, and more…are incredibly important to getting the most out of peptides.

This can’t be stressed enough…getting the right protocol, specific to your situation, is just as important as getting the right peptide. Generalized protocols are a good starting point, but depending on your body’s response, it must be tailored to you.

Seek help from a trained healthcare professional who understands Cellular Medicine and your condition.

The Right Peptide Source


Sourcing matters.

Peptides for human use are drugs requiring a prescription by a licensed practitioner and dispensed by a pharmacy. If you’re getting peptides without a prescription, it’s a giant red flag.

Peptides are not like Advil with a generic Ibuprofen option that’s cheaper and just as effective.

Ever watch Breaking Bad? Walter White/Heisenberg? If so, you’ll understand that the cook, or in this case, compounding pharmacy, matters and will produce higher quality peptides because of expertise.

Times are tough and peptides are not cheap, but take caution when purchasing from those who source “cheap” or significantly discounted peptides because you will get what you pay for, and the results will reflect that. Take caution…

  1. If companies are selling you injectable peptides without a prescription – it’s illegal and a GIANT red flag.
  2. Purchasing off the internet hold no guarantees of how it was compounded, quality, efficacy, and sterility.

Suspect peptides can cause severe side effects and often don’t go through the same quality checkpoints as reputable sources. That’s the scariest part.


Peptide Therapy and Cellular Medicine are at the forefront of medical advancement and revolutionizing healthcare as we know it.

If you’re seeking to incorporate these into your practice, want further education as a healthcare professional, or in need of a certified professional trained in Peptide Therapy and Cellular Medicine, email

8 thoughts on “The 3 Rules For Peptide Therapy”

  1. Hi Dr Seeds, hearing of peptides recently from a couple Drs.
    & pharmacist websites I am interested in what I can do to start a regimen with Auto immune, Hashimoto with hypothyroidism, high thyroid antibodies, high cholesterol, insulin resistant no meds yet for diabetes but recommend. Also Osteoarthritis in my hips, legs are painful. I do see a physician but have not had much change but progressive symptoms. I take Armor thyroid t4 and LDN
    Thank you for any advice or help.

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